The Design Visions for the refurbishment and expansion of Bucuresti Mall tell a story of Urban Transformation and BUILDING COMMUNITY. Within the Context and Cultural Conscience of Bucharest lies Inspiration Defined by an Idea where Tenants, EXPERIENCES, Customers, and ENVIRONMENTS all work together to create a new world where “EASE OF SHOPPING” and the creation of places that evoke a sense of Familiarity & Comfort that feels “CLOSE TO YOU”.

Bucuresti Mall has the potential of being sustainably energized by aspects of the cultural legacy of Bucharest as well as the aspirations for her future. In particular, embodied in the design ideas of the projects is the heritage and meanings within Bucharest’s rich legacy of urban parks and gardens. This is achievable in a literal sense but more importantly through pursuing specific qualities and more abstract understandings of parks and gardens as they relate to PLAY of LIGHT, COLOR, Human-Scale, Texture, Discovery, and Orientation.

The design translation of these qualities into built realty is often similar between the projects; however, there are fundamental differences as each has its own unique urban context, customer/tenant base, and Voice of Community.

Bucuresti Mall’s focus is on fashion and this can be seen in the colors and textures used;

Other changes: new façades, the symbolic fountain has been renovated (reinvented), new terraces are ready, new patterns, the white and the mix with the metals give Bucuresti Mall an urban texture;

Important changes have been made to the common areas; tenants, inspired by our changes and the new design, followed and rearranged their spaces, bringing their newest shop design;

Bucuresti Mall is embedded into its Urban Fabric. It defines itself largely with a voice that starts within and emanates to the surrounding area. Bucuresti Mall’s inherent Qualities lay within. A Discovered World hidden and shielded from the harsh city life. Its enclosed world has the potential to celebrate the legacy and characteristics of the city’s great Gardens in an abstract way linking the community with the project and its surrounding program.