The Design Visions for the refurbishment and expansion of Plaza Romania tell a story of Urban Transformation and BUILDING COMMUNITY. Within the Context and Cultural Conscience of Bucharest lies Inspiration Defined by an Idea where Tenants, EXPERIENCES, Customers, and ENVIRONMENTS all work together to create a new world where “EASE OF SHOPPING” and the creation of places that evoke a sense of Familiarity & Comfort that feels “CLOSE TO YOU”.

Plaza Romania has the potential of being sustainably energized by aspects of the cultural legacy of Bucharest as well as the aspirations for her future. In particular, embodied in the design ideas of the projects is the heritage and meanings within Bucharest’s rich legacy of urban parks and gardens. This is achievable in a literal sense but more importantly through pursuing specific qualities and more abstract understandings of parks and gardens as they relate to PLAY of LIGHT, COLOUR, Human-Scale, Texture, Discovery, and Orientation.

The design translation of these qualities into built realty is often similar between the projects; however, there are fundamental differences as each has its own unique urban context, customer/tenant base, and Voice of Community.

The main changes made in Plaza Romania aimed a better usability of the space both for customers and tenants.  Plaza Romania is part of the residential community around, so the changes aimed a better integration of the space in neighborhood’s life and needs.A new entrance from Timisoara Blvd. was built. The most important changes have been made to the common areas: lighter interior, linear elements, patterns, new outside green space, extended food court and terraces. Plaza Romania is the meeting place, the place where people enjoy to come and spend time and socialize therefore the terraces, the Urban Green, and the natural materials in contrast to surrounding make the experience more pleasant.

 Plaza Romania embodies an Urban District in and of itself. Therefore Plaza Romania defines its own context in many ways. This creates the potential for Plaza Romania to connect to its neighborhood even better by means of landscape elements and clearly defined entrances. Plaza Romania’s customer base is mid-level in terms of income and price-point. It appeals to families, office workers, and has the potential to become a day to day Meeting Place for all visitors.


Plaza Romania